Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Awesome dragon

You can find it here.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maure Castle session 3

Last Friday night the party continued with the exploration of Maure Castle (D&D 3.5e) and here's what happened:

As a final attempt against the hydra, Quinath cast a Summon Monster IX from a scroll. Being a spell above his caster level there was a chance of a mishap. And the mishap happened, but not instantly. I secretely rolled the effect and how many hours will pass before it. The group returned to the tower of Quinath to rest and plan the next incursion into the castle.

It was dawn when the tower was rocked from its foundations, unceremoniously throwing everyone from their beds. Everyone looked outside the window and saw a massive rocky creature towering over the building! Denar took his sword and flying carpet, and flew through his room's window. Kamar also grabbed his sword and met Inowe in the hall. Inowe, using her Abundant Step, took both of them outside. Meanwhile Qiunath, recognizing the creature s an Elder Earth Elemental and possibly the consequense of yesterday's mishap, tried to end it with a Dispel Magic to no avail. The elemental battered the tower with mighty slams.

Quinath teleported himself outside the tower, Denar cast Bear's Endurance on his friend on the ground, Kamar and Inowe charged at the creature. The elemental ignored their attacks, sunk into the ground, emerged next to Quinath and landed an awsome blow on the elf sending him flying backwards. Quinath played the dead one, Denar cast Haste on his friends, Inowe moved between elf and elemental, and tried to trip it, Kamar (now hasted) attacked the monster four times dealina huge amount of damage. This time the elemental didn't ignore him. It turned around and with a backhand slam sent Kamar flying onto the tower's wall, only to kick the slumped kensai like a rag doll. Quinath took advantage of the distraction to cast an Orb of Cold that froze the elemental to death, banishing it to its plane. After Denar healed everyone's wounds they went back to rest.

The next day they went back into Maure Castle to finish the hydra and gain access to th e Chamber of Antiquities. First Inowe used the Mirror Image spell from her Ring of Spell Storing and Quinath cast See Invisibility on it. The she used it again, while Quinath cast Improved Invisibility on him. After that he polymorphed into a rust monster and cautiously aproached the stranded hydra. Inowe was ready to rescue him if necessary. The rest waited. Quinath then touched the hydra, the rust eating away almost a quarter of its body and exposing its igneous core. Before the hydra could react he touched it again and fled back. Another portion of the body rusted away leaving the thing in precarious balance. The hydra blindly launched its attacks that harmed no one. Denar then cast Gren Slime and the burst of acid ate three of the heads leaving four still active. The remainging heads again blindly launched its breath attacks to no avail. Another wave of Green Slime from the cleric and there was no more of the Maure hydra. The path to the chamber was open.

As they ventured into the huge chamber, Quinath was affected by one of the many M's engraved on the floor. Overwhelmed by fear he panicked, dropped his staff and attempted to flee but was held by Kamar, broke free and held again by Inowe. Quinath tried to cast a Teleport to escape but failed and lost the spell. He tried again usin the still active Wind Walk but Denar dismissed it when he saw the elf transforming. Quinath was tied, gagged by Kamar and beaten to unconsciousness by the monk.

I hope we cant play again before the year is over.

Until next session!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Today I've reached level 40! :-)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Level up!

Thanks to the latest additions of fellow bloggers from The Happy Whisk and Gothridge Manor, I've reached level 4 with the rank of Comentator. Thanks all!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching up

Last weekend was scheduled to be a gaming one, but it wasn't. Every two weeks I play Millenium's End on Friday and DM my Labyrinth Lord sandbox game on Saturday. I started playing ME about a couple of months ago through one of my players of the sandbox game. He warned me that the gaming style of that group was not as high-paced as I am used to. And he was right. It is more like a social gathering of friends, than a proper gaming session. By proper I mean you get together with the main (only?) purpose of role playing. Of course there's always some catching up and pauses to eat, but this guys have such a low atention span! I mean the play every Friday (one ME and the other Vampire) and are online all week. How much do you have to catch up? I know it sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not. I just find them amusing! It's always good to meet new people with different gaming styles.

The thing is that last Friday there was only a couple of hours of proper gaming, and then I have to cancel Saturday's game because one of the player's girlfriend was sick and he wouldn't leave her. Another two (a couple) had a birthday party and could come after it, but since last session ended on the verge of a combat, I wanted everyone to be present. So, next game would be in two weeks. I'm going to miss the ME session since I'm DMing my Maure Castle 3.5e sort-of-monthly game, and hope everyone could make it to the sandbox game on Saturday.

In other topic, according to the Old School RPG Blogger Advancement Table at From the Sorcere's Skull, I'm one follower short of becoming a Comentator! Thanks to all and a warm welcome to the recent ones.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Sandbox game session 6

After dealing with the "levers room" the group turned its attention to the unlocked but still closed doors. They used torches, oil and crowbar to break them and gain access to the rooms beyond. The first room was the wizard's lab from which Scarlet took several unmarked vials, flasks and jugs, some full, some empty, as well as various spell components. The second room was the wizard's chamber that was lavishly decorated with expensive rugs, tapestries, carved furniture and crystalware. When Vanon and Tamryn opened the armoire, an animated metal statue apeared from behind the tapestry and attacked them. They weren't surprised, won initiative, both hit it and killed before it could act. Then took the fancy silk robes and left for the third room. That room was filled with nine big iron cauldrons, each full with a different liquid and some with a mysterious flame below. Scarlet proceeded to closely inspect them, looking, smelling but never tasting. She finally filled a waterskin with one that certainly was beer, filled a jar with some misty vapors from another cauldron and a flask with what looked like a dark wine.

After leaving, Tamryn decided to take the rubi eyes from the idol (at last!). Upon taking them a small blue creature with bat wings and a tail ended in a sting appeared over the idol among a puff of smoke. The roll on the reaction table was low but it didn't seem right for the creature to be helpful with the thieves, so it politely asked for the rubies be returned to its place. When the party tried to bargain for help with the rubies, the creature told them they should be thankful that it was him and not other less patient that came, but, if they complied, he might consider help them. They didn't need to be asked again and the rubies were soon on its original place. Being a lawful creature, it honored the bargain and sat upon the idol's head waitin. The party asked about the wizard and the stolen statue, so the creature told them he knew that the wizard worshipped his master and made sacrifices when asking for guidance to recover a statue. When they described the statue, the creature recalled having seen it in a cavern complex. It was then when Scarlet offered it some beer in gratitude, which was accepted. The creature drank the whole waterskin of beer in one gulp and demanded more (yes, it failed the save). Scarlet told it where to find more and the creature flew there, followed by the party. They watched the creature drink directly from the cauldron until it felt unconscious. Then it was taken to the wizard's chamber and set comfortably on the bed.

The party then lowered itself down the trap to the caverns below and proceeded to explore them to the south, past the chasm where Vanon and Tamryn almost met their fate. They found an empty chamber with two exits and followed the one from which they felt a slight breeze. It led into another chamber with three exits and full of phosphorescent fungus. When they were crossing the chamber a high pitched scream filled the chamber for several instants. The group reached the end of the chamber and saw that one exit certainly led to the outside since the air was fresher and clarity could be seen at the end. When they turned to check the other ones a flock of stirges attacked them. Scarlet cast Color Spray on them bringing one to the ground, while another was taken down by Brom with an arrow. Of the rest, one latched on Tamryn, another on Vanon and another missed Scarlet. The one on the ground was torn apart by Scarlet's war dog. Vanon and Tamryn struggled with the blood-sucking creatures with punch and dagger, whilke Kratos cut the other in mid-air spraying blood all over.

After dealing with the creatures, the investigated another exit that led into a circular chamber with a single quartz-like crystal jutting from the wall. The crystal emitted a pulsating bluish luminiscence. Everyone kept its distance from the strange mineral but Vanon risked to touch it. No harm came from it but he got a strange feeling of disorder. They went back to the fungus chamber to explore the last exit and again the high pitched scream filled it for some seconds. The last exit led to a square chamber with an exit opposite to the entrance, the far half of the chamber was full of bones and broken wapons, armor and shields, and on to the left on a niche, a marble statue of Cyndor. They approached the statue and, after being sure it wasn't an illusion, tried to move it. They soon realised that dragging it to the outside was to risk damaging it. Also that the chambers and passages were wide enough to enter a cart and with some ropes plus Phillippe's help, they would be able to take it away.

Leaving the statue there, they left the cavern complex, surrounded the hill and went to find Phillippe, who they found wrapped with several winter blankets and worried (mainly for Scarlet, but she was distant to him), but alive and unscathed, as well as the mounts. They then harnessed the horses to the cart, saddled up the other horses and went back for the statue. The party was heading there when, about 100 yards away, a patrol formed by three humans (two of the with crossbows), two orcs and a bugbear came into sight. The bugbear turned to the others and pointes at the party.

Until next session!