Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DCC RPG Contest

August DCC RPG Contest @ Tenkar's Tavern - Get Some Corruption and Maybe Win a Prize!

Roll 1d6 to know which of the senses is corrupted:

1-Sight: Your eyes double in size and the optic nerve grows like snail antennas.
2-Smell: You grow an elephant nose but can't breathe through it.
3-Hearing: You grow necomimi.
4-Touch: A hand grows from each of your finger tips.
5-Taste: You get Gene Simmons tongue.
6-All of the above.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

LotFP - Thelian Islands Campaign

On August 24th we got together again on G+ for our #5 game. It was a game in which the dices didn't favored me, but I had a lot of fun anyway.

We got back to the village in  our new longboat, baptized "The Fanged Glacier". Everyone was shocked to see us in such a wonderful ship, and Signy said it was "a gift from the Polar Bear", which caused the envy of her, now, former mentor. 

Antii, with after some beers and trying to attract some followers, told what they've found, and how they've fought the ghouls, skeletons and rats, making him the main character of the tale. He also talked about the luminous fungi and the spinning statue. With a +4 bonus I had to roll under my Charisma score (11), but rolled an 18, so no followers for Antii. I guess he went over the top with his tale. Annar and Signy, on the contrary, managed to have attracted a follower each, a young boy and a girl respectively.

The next day everyone said goodbye to their loved ones before leaving the island. Antii's dad gave him his "lucky coin", a worn out gold coin like the ones the group had found the previous days. With a leather chord he tied it around his neck. Many of the survivors from the merchant ship, attacked by the hobgoblin raiders, joined the party as crew for the longboat. Supplies and goods for sale were loaded on the ship, and we set sail to Bear Island, 800 miles away to the SW.

The Fanged Glacier
The first ten day of the voyage were uneventful, until we sighted a merchant ship. We approached and exchanged some good and information before continuing. Four days later we were attacked by four giant eels. We managed to kill three of them (Antii missed every swing at the creatures) and drove away the remaining badly wounded, losing only two crewmen. Two of the dead eels were brought on board, cut into pieces and salted. Before reaching our destination we came across some tritons, who kept their distance, and also dolphins and a giant manta-ray.

After 30 days at sea Antii and Annar went to find a place with good booze and bad women, while Signy went to try speak with the authorities of the city, and Hrok sought someone to sell his mushrooms. Everyone also sold his share of the salted eels for 75 sp + 1d20 sp (I rolled a 19!). At the tavern, having plenty of beer, Antii bragged about he repelled the hobgoblin raid and the giant eels.

- "OK", said JoetheDM, "roll 1d20, only on a 19 or 20 you fail to get laid."
- "Oh no! I rolled a 20!", I said to my dismay.
- "Well, if you roll low you vomit on the girl, if you roll high you fall asleep fail to get a boner."
- "I rolled low..."
(more laughs)

Meanwhile, Signy was received by the shamans of the Bear Clan in the best part of the city, where she warned them of the hobgoblin plans to attack the trade routes, and Hrok, who had found that he needed to go to some caves to sell his mushrooms, drank all he could without being bothered. Signy introduced  her acolyte to the shamans and an initiation ritual was performed.

Signy (right) and her acolyte after the ritual.
The group has now several places to go: continue West to Cowl Island, explore Bear Island, joins a raid against the hobgoblins, or go to the contested Blood Island with its thick forests and a fabled pyramid. To Blood Island it'll be. Antii bought a suit of chain mail and a sword, just in case.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"The Caves of Chaos" - FLAILSNAILS game on G+

The party:

Walt Thisslefoot - Halfling thief
Padre Bob - Dwarf cleric
Finloss - Half-elf fighter/thief

The group was part of a caravan that arrived at night to the Keep. When asked to be let in, it was told that the doors were closed and no one was allowed inside. The group insisted and finally offered a warehouse to spend the night, but no wandering around was allowed. Some kind of illness have befallen on the people of the Keep, they were told. When they offered their help, they were taken to see the Castellan of the Keep. He told them that some witch that lived in some caves up North, had put a curse upon the Keep. Now with almost half of the garrison ill, he couldn't go after her. If the group was willing to help, he would offer a generous reward, plus a 50% discount for a month in everything the group purchased from the keep. He also offered to take what we needed from the armory. After a bit of discussion, the party agreed and left to rest and prepare.

The next day the party set off to find these cave, which they did without getting lost or coming across any trouble on the way. After waiting some moments at the mouth of the canyon, they decided to explore the first visible cavern entrance at ground level to the South. Walt and Finloss moved as quietly as possible, followed at some distance by Padre Bob. They entered the cave unhindered and proceeded South until an intersection, then turned right (as suggested by Padre Bob to keep right). They turned right again at a T-intersection and surprised 6 goblins in a room. They decided to get some information about the witch without fighting, but the goblins drew their crude swords and one of them started banging the NW corner of the room calling for someone. Padre Bob entered the room and tried to stop the goblin, but they attacked. Two went after Walt, two after Padre Bob and one charged at Finloss. At that moment the NW corner of the wall opened and an ogre emerged.

Finloss taking advantage of his spear impaled the goblin and then kicked the dead body from his weapon, then moved to help the dwarf, who had managed to kill one goblin. Walt was hit but also killed one. The remaining goblins retreated (the dwarf smashing one dead) to the walls giving room to the brute, who smashed Padre Bob with his club. Finloss backstabbed the ogre with his magic spear, said the command word "DOWNBOY!", and the creature fell to the ground pinned under the tip of the weapon. Walt took advantage of that, and wounded the fallen ogre. Padre Bob healed himself.

Before the brute could get up, Finloss drew his magic sabre and slashed at its throat, killing the ogre and almost severing his head. Seeing his backup dead, one goblin surrendered and the other tried to flee. Finloss threw his spear at it, wounding but not killing it. The half-elf panicked as the skewered goblin was running away with his magic spear. Padre Bob threw his war hammer at the goblin, killing it. "Have you lost something elf?", mocked the dwarf.

We tied the remaining goblin up, and Walt intimidated him to tell all he knew about the witch. He vaguely spoke about some "dark robed ones to the west", but tried to buy his freedom by offering the goblin's treasure hidden at the bottom of a barrel of water. We also searched the ogre and found more coins on his bag (some of them were counterfeit; gold painted lead coins), and also a keg of brandy the dwarf claimed.  We then explored the ogres' cave, that led to the canyon outside, the opening hidden by some bushes. Buried under some bones we found 6 magic arrows (arrows +1), a small glass jar with a clear liquid (Potion of Invisibility) and a scroll case (2 clerical scrolls).

The party left with the treasure, planted the ogre's head on a spear at the entrance, freed the goblin (probably Padre Bob killed it latr) and went back to the Keep.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LotFP - Thelian Islands Campaign

On July 27th we had our 3rd LotFP game via G+ hangout.

Having defeated the hobgoblin raiders, we found among them a waterproof scroll case containing a map with all the human trade routes. The hobgoblins certainly had spied in the major human cities. Fearing they might return to get back such precious information, sentries were to be alert throughout the day.

Meanwhile went back to further explore the ruins we discovered last session. Hrok was delighted with his new pet, a perfect man-sized d20, summoned from the Plane of Geometry.

In what once were the bedchambers of the mage that supposedly lived here, we found a chest containing a magic backpack (a Hewards Handy Haversack) and a satchel with more gold and silver old coins than we've seen before (100 g.p. bearing a head in the obverse and a crown in the reverse; 200 s.p. with a hammer and a crown). We came to a collapsed passage and decided to go back to the village, and get some people to clear it. We also talked with Grako, the village elder, and Sleven, the village shaman, about performing a ritual in the sweat lodge to try to foresee what will happen in the near future. It was some crazy stuff about a tree and leaves with bear form scattered by the wind across the oceans, and reaching new lands.

The day after the ritual we returned to the ruins, in which the cave in was already cleared. We discovered a large room with 10 sarcophagi, 4 of them opened (probably the 4 skeletons we encountered here). We opened the others one by one finding: a pair of earrings and necklace, two rings and a circlet, a jewelled dagger, a blue book with symbols, a dagger with winged hilt (it was lost into the night), a suit of chainmail and a sword (screaming man), a scimitar and a poison trap.

On August 10th we gathered for our 4th LotFP game via G+ hangout.

Joe told us he was going to use the sample dungeon (The Tower of Zenopus) on the Holmes Blue Book, which I found really awesome because I never had the chance to play that classic. Sarah suggested we used a shared Google Drawing so we all could see the map. Great idea!

I thought the encounter with the ghouls was our end. Signy got paralyzed, as was the hobgoblin summoned by Hrok, and then Antii, who was trying to sneak attack one ghoul from behind Hrok's large d20, but Hrok moved it ruining his attempt, got paralyzed too! Hrok fled with his dice chased by the remaining ghoul who followed him to the village, where it was hacked to pieces. By the time he went back we were already free. We found a couple of gems and some gold pieces.

We then killed some giant rats (silver pieces and silver dagger), discovered a robed skeleton with its skull crushed (bone scroll case with a scroll of Levitate) , killed 4 skeletons hidden in web covered niches, found a trap door to a collapsed tower (bone wand), a bronze sun dial and a mask we didn't dared to touch and ended in a cave with a fresh water stream and phosphorous fungi. Hrok sent his dice downstream but it failed to return. Giving it up as lost we continued to the NE and found a similar cave. We were about to go back when the dice appeared behind us. Hrok asked it several questions about where it went and seen, but all answers were negative. When asked by Antii  if he had seen anything we were carrying, it answered yes. The dice began rolling to the NW when asked where and we followed.

We entered a big cave with a sandy beach in where there was a strange clarity, even though there was no light coming into it. We could also hear the sea, but couldn't see it. On the beach there were several bodies (we assumed they were pirates), two ruined boats, three wooden chests all rotten and a small wooden box in perfect conditions. The chests contained a huge treasure of silver pieces and gems. The small box had three words carved on it: jolly, dragonship and batten, that when spoken transformed it into a rowboat, a longship and back the box. We got our own ship to get out of the island! An island we always lived in but no one remembered a cave like this. It was then that Signy took everything off and swam out to sea through the cavern wall. It was an illusion! Clever pirates...

After gathering all the treasure, we continued exploring the place and discovered  some hobgoblin skeletons. They were not as old as what we've found so far, so they must know of the place. Then we busted open a door and found a spinning statue. You spin the statue and the door it points automatically opens. Even though he couldn't understand why somebody would do something like that, Antii tinkered with the mechanism enough to understand it.

And with all that the group returned to the village.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paizo kicked ass on the ENnies

Congrats to all the 2012 winners!

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The Google Plus Role-playing Blog Directory

If you are on G+ don't forget to check it!  

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Antii Durniksson

He's my first character for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess RPG campaign (DM: Joethelawyer) that we play every other Friday through G+ hangout..

Antii Durniksson son of Durnik son of Eino, the village brewers, lives in one of the many Thelian islands that dots the Northern Ocean. He is a strong and healthy lad, although not very brave, of the Polar Bear tribe. He participates in the warrior-like activities more due to peer pressure and the fear of losing face, than his own free will. He prefers to keep a low profile and enjoys life outdoors on his own, hunting and foraging. He also likes tinker with things, like simple mechanisms and spring traps. If he has the chance, he'll also attempt to lighten the inebriated patrons of the tavern.

He just wants to leave this boring island and live all the tales his grandfather told him about foreign lands. Although the last events on the island, a hobgoblin raid and the discovery of underground ruins, have brought him some wealth and attracted some attention on his person.

Cha 11 Con 15 Dex 10 Int 9 Str 19 Wis 12

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Castle Zagyg - sessions 9&10

Double ration of Castle Zagyg! :)

Session #9 (August 3rd)

The party:

Bobo (flying monkey)
Nipun (human fighter)
Einharr Thorshammer (human cleric)
Kellan (human illusionist)
Kip (human fighter, Kellan's follower)
Gimli of Geoff (dwarven fighter)

The Dragonlance heroes returned weary and wounded from their foray into the castle, after fighting against rats, bandits and undead, and retreating from a gray ooze. Anyway, Flint and Caramon were happy carrying a huge cask of dwarven ale which they generously shared with the party. Raistlin found a treaty about herbs, which Kellan was interested to read. 

After the Dragonlance  heroes left we set to explore a tower flanked by two giant ibis statues. Bobo flew over it and discovered a trapdoor on top. Ropes were secured and thrown down for everyone to climb up.  We entered the tower through the trap door and went all the way down until we found a couple of crypts, each with three sarcophagi. The first three were ghouls and the other were zombies. In the bottom of one of the zombies' sarcophagus Gimli found a secret passage going down. It was a trap! The steps were just an illusion and everyone was sucked down a chute.

We were on an uncharted part of the dungeons, but soon found our way and decided to pay the elves and half-orcs a visit before going up. We bought from them a Potion of Dragon Control, an Elven Chaimail and a Platemail (+1).

When we reached the surface, the surprise was huge, for the tree town and surroundings were under attack by an army of at leas 2000 draconians and human mercenaries led by 6 red dragons! We quickly let the people into the castle and devised a plan to lure the dragons. Kellan created an illusion of a huge treasure hoard in the courtyard. When the dragons came Gimli drank the potion and managed to control 4 of the 6 red dragons. The controlled dragon killed their kin and were ordered to start attacking the draconians. When the draconians attacked the castle Gimli sensed he could also control them, and so they were ordered to attack the dragons. The battle ended with half the dragons dead and most of the army dead or scattered.

After that Einharr left and Gustav the Beligerant came. Also Morgan the barbarian became Gimli's follower. The Dragonlance heroes went on their quest to find a staff that restored the healing powers of cleric in their realm.

The party:

Bobo (flying monkey)
Nipun (human fighter)
Gustav the Beligerant (human fighter)
Kellan (human illusionist)
Kip (human fighter, Kellan's follower)
Gimli of Geoff (dwarven fighter)
Morgan (human barbarian, Gimli's follower)

The new party set to explore another tower manned by bandits. Kellan cast Invisibility 10' radius on the party before reaching the tower. Bobo entered by one of the windows and set alight the bandits' bedrolls creating chaos among them. When one of the three guards on top of the tower came down, Bobo went up and pushed one down to his death and managed to kill another with his sword. He the secured and threw ropes for the rest to climb up. Still invisible the party commanded the bandits to surrender, which they did fearing we were ghosts. They were ordered to leave all valuables, armor and weapons, then take all the food to the recently attacked town and help to rebuilt it. If they failed to do so we will haunt them forever. They quickly obeyed and left, and we continued to explore the tower.

Going down we encountered a pair of orc shamans performing a ritual around a corpse. We took advantage of being invisible to kill one and badly wound another. Interrogated he said the ritual was to regain lost powers, and also that he controlled a dozen of undead that were below. We killed him and instantly heard the undead began to move below. We opened a door and let them came one by one until they were all dead, again.

Below, in the undead room, there was a metal box in the room but it was locked. We searched the room until we found the key under a round rock. It was a catapult missile that had breached the tower long ago. The box contained a book and a pearl, which we knew were cursed when Kellan took them.

Before proceeding below we rolled the rock down the stairs. When we descended we found a trapdoor in the floor with a big rock on top. Not ours, but another. We moved the rock and opened the trap. A shackled skeleton with green flaming eyes appeared. He asked to free him and threw his bones into the river. We just threw both rocks at him but missed, and he grew in size and a trident appeared in his bony hand. We threw flaming oil at him until it became a pile of ashes.

And with that we completed the towers of the second wall. Next time we were going to the towers flanking the Castle Zagyg itself.

Session #10 (August 4th)

The party:

Ahab (human fighter)
Einharr Thorshammer (human cleric)
Jerek (half-elven mountebank) played by fellow Greyhawker Joseph Bloch.
Gustav the Beligerant (human fighter)
Kellan (human illusionist)
Kip (human fighter, Kellan's follower)
Gimli of Geoff (dwarven fighter)
Morgan (human barbarian, Gimli's follower)

We entered the tower through the dwarven god chapel where we fought some dwarves and gnomes. We ran into a filthy mad druid who told us mice were his friends. When asked if he minded us looking around he just excused himself and went to his chambers upstairs. When some retching noises came from above most of the group went up after Kellan cats Invisibility 10' radius, except Kellan, Kip, Gimli and Morgan. The druid turned to be a were-rat and giant rats and rats attacked the group. Below, Gimli and Morgan also were attacked by the same kind of creatures after opening a door. Gustav managed to push the were-rat downstairs while Gimli drank a Potion of Animal Control.  He commanded the giants and common rats to attack the were-rat while Kip hacked at it.

The were-rat had two coffers and they were locked. Lacking a thief in the group, Morgan hacked at one of them breaking the lock. Whe he opened it a hidden blade wounded him. The now enraged barbarian, began hacking the other one, only to release a cloud of poisonous gas that weakened everyone in the room. In his hoard the were-rat had a magical spear (+1/+3 vs. lycans), a symbol of Celestian and a rusty platemail.

Going up the tower, we came across a room that had a huge wasps nest. Gimli drank another potion, this time a Potion of Bug Repelling, and the wasps just flew away from him. We hacked the nest apart but found nothing. But, behind a door, hanging from the wall,  there was a bejeweled scabbard with a dagger. The blade had dwarven runes on it, that Gimli read as "Greenflame". When spoken the blade of the magical dagger (+2) became covered with green flames that made 1d6 of extra damage. Gustav claimed the dagger for himself, as did Jerek the mountebank. Dice were rolled and Jerek won the dagger. Having lost the dagger Gustav claimed the magical spear, and so did Gimli. Dice were rolled again, and this time Gustav won the spear.

Continuing up the tower some storage rooms were found and centipedes emerged from the rotten supplies. Since the Potion of Bug Repelling was still working, they retreated from Gimli, but Kellan used his Robe of Scintillating Colors to dazzle the creatures. And so the centipedes were hacked to pieces. Reaching the top of the tower, an angry griffon met the party which returned the attack. In the battle Jerek fell and was saved by Gimli's Potion of Healing (I couldn't let a fellow Greyhawker lose his character!). The creature was dismembered since someone said its various parts were useful for making potions.

Until next session!

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Attack of the Frawgs

Wheee! I won Attack of the Frawgs from Thick Skull Adventures (click on the image to get it from RPGnow) in Tenkar's Tavern "Post a 0-Level Occupation for the DCC RPG" contest with this entry.

It was a random prize, but it's very welcome. Thanks to Erik for putting up this original contest, the publishers who donated the prizes and, last but not least, the dices for rolling my number!

Once I have it and read it, I'm going to GM it in a Google+ Hangout.