Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Site Update

What happened since our last post back in September? Here goes a well deserved update.

Wednesday nights games (OSR):

- Resumed a D&D 5e campaign, run by me, set in Greyhawk (Yeomanry-Hool Marshes-Hold of the Sea Princes area) that we started before GenCon. A mysterious figure is seeking asylum in the Yeomanry from the Hold of the Sea Princes. The party has to meet her at the border and escort her to the city. Meanwhile the Scarlet Brotherhood will try to thwart their plans.

- Then switched to White Sands, an ongoing ACKS game run by +Jason Hobbs, in which we  explore the Badlands of Shaidar legend in the Eye of Opjamar.

- After that we started Griffin Mountain an awesome Runequest campaign run by +Adam Muszkiewicz. A group of initiates passes the tribe's rite to adulthood and become hunters. As the seasons go by their nomad tribe travels Balazar, breaks old alliances and forges new ones, everything amidst an internal struggle for power.

- Now we have returned to the D&D 5e campaign mentioned above. The party is helping to recover a magical mask from a reptilian civilization buried in an ancient tomb deep in the marshes. So far they've bested the swamp's perils and found a ziggurat full of traps!

Thursday nights games (DCC with the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad) :

- Finished a short arc run by +Doug Kovacs that started right after GenCon in which, after exploring the "The Tomb Of Ulla Gandur", what was left of Sybian the Whoreforged humanity got transferred, by the goddess of Nature, into a human body affixed to a suit of full plate armor adorned with an intricate filigree of vines.

- "Un-death & Taxes" run by +Edgar Johnson. An escort mission in which the group must protect the Imperial tax assessor as he makes his rounds of various far-flung hamlets and villages.

- "Into the Lair of the Feculent Swine" run by +Adam Muszkiewicz. Employed by Master Guang-Yuan Jo to retrieve the feathers of the slumbering feculent swine, Jerkal the Blazin', Scorpion Boy and Nimue of Cthulhu from the Divine Order of the Purple Tentacle, along with some fresh faces, have set off for the mountains that separate the Satrapy of Kuth from the Duchy of Karel

Received gorgeous +Drink Spin Run - An RPG Talk Show Podcast and +Wayne Snyder's "Secret of the Serpent Moon" t-shirts. Also received an awesome poster of Metamorphosis Alpha Warden deck cross-section by +Doug Kovacs, and issue #3 of  the +Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad zine. Can't complain about our postal service so far.

Contributed with an article about Healing Spelburn to the DCC Mega Zine.

EDIT: Also received in the mail "The Art of Dragon Magazine"!
EDIT2: And started to play Conspiracy X in a F2F group every 2 weeks.