Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thank you!

According to this post by Cyclopeatron this blog made it into the first 100 and gained 6 new followers since last month. Thanks a lot to all of you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sandbox game session 8

We played a short session today. Dividing the trasure, seeling loot, restocking adventuring gear and buying horses took most of the time. The party is in the town around Broomsage abbey after recovering a old statue for the monks. Vanon the cleric and Kratos the fighter reached 2nd level. Tamryb the thief and Brom the ranger were close to reach 3rd level.

Tamryn sold her donkey and bought a horse with Brom's advice who selected the best available. Vanon commissioned the town jeweler to coat the edges of his wooden holy symbol with silver, while Scarlet wanted to know what was the true nature of a wand she found. She went to the abbey since monks are well known for being scholars in different areas, and are often sought as sages and seers. They certainly agreed to study her wand but told her it could take several weeks. While at the abbey, she also asked about a place, Halderwood forest. The monks showed her an old lavishly decorated map of the barony and environs, and pointed the place for her. When she took quil, ink and paper to annotate the directions, the monks offered her, for a small price, a copy of the map which she gladly accepted. She also asked about the Land of Black Ice when she saw the map and the monks told her about it. At that point the player OOC said: "Looks like we'll have to be of higher level before visiting that place!"

Later at night, while sharing Tamryn's keg of anisetto, Scarlet told the rest of the party about what she thought it was a treasure map that her grandfather left her. The place was not far from where they were and everyone agreed it was worth to check the place out. The map showed a tower in the middle of a forest crossed by rivers or roads in a "Y" form, a legend and the picture of a key. Tamryn examined the map and when approached to a candle, it revealed a skull in the bow of the key...

Until next session!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Comment about the 1 gp = 1 XP rule

It was at the end of my last post but maybe nobody got that far so I repost the situation. :)

Last Sunday before the session ended I proceeded to give XP. When I said they should add, to the XP from the defeated monsters, 1 XP per gold coin of non-magical treasure, Mike who plays Vanon the cleric said it was an unfair rule. He felt that he was stealing XP from the rest of the players since from the 200 platinum pieces he got paid, he gave 30 pp to each and kept 50 pp for him. The same said my wife who plays Tamryn the thief. She argued that that rule went against anyone wanting to roleplay, for example, an ascetic monk who cares nothing about money or, on the other end, a greedy thief. They wanted, if I agreed, to split the XP from treasure evenly. I ruled it was fine.

I later read page 49 of Labyrinth Lord Revised Ed. and found that my initial ruling missed the point. It states:

All characters that make it through an adventure alive receive
experience points (XP). Experience points are gained from
two sources, treasure and monsters. Characters only gain XP
from treasure of a non-magical nature, at the rate of 1 XP per
1 gold piece (gp) value of the item. The values of all items are
added together, and converted to gp units if necessary. For
example, if the group finds a gold statue worth 500 gp and a
gem worth 250 gp, these are added up to 750 XP, and
divided evenly between the characters.

I think that evenly is the key word there, so I guess my final ruling was right. I doesn't really matter how many coins end in the character's pouch. Only the XP are divided evenly, not the treasure money. My players without having read the rules (I'm sure they didn't) and I (who misread them) through arguments and logic reached to the same idea as in the book. Cool.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sandbox game session 7

With one player short because of end-of-term exams, we gathered last Sunday night for a short session.

The patrol (one bugbear, two orcs and three humans), commanded by the halberd-wielding chainmail-clad bugbear, charged across the snowy plain to attack the adventurers. The group held their ground and fired a volley of arrows and stones into the charging bandits. One arrow from Tamryn hit its mark putting one human down, Brom also landed an arrow on the bugbear and Vanon hit one orc with a sling shot. As the attackers drew nearer, the party fired again. Another arrow from Brom hit the bugbear, and both orcs also got hit by arrows from Kratos and Tamryn. Vanon sling shot flew wide. Although wounded neither the bugbear nor the orcs stopped advancing.

The orcs and one human were the first to reach the line of the party, followed close behind by the bugbear and another human. Phillipe advanced to met them and Scarlet let go her war dog. Kratos dropped his bow and drew his bastard sword, Vanon dropped his sling and readied his flail. Both spurred their horses forward. What followed was a gory scrimmage that left all the attackers bleeding to death on the snow. But it was not all over. After receiving another arrow from Brom, the bugbear charged into him and with a swing from its halberd practically disemboweled the ranger, who dropped mortally wounded to the ground. The also heavily wounded bugbear was swiftly killed by Kratos and near-dead Brom was bandaged to stop the bleeding. The party proceeded to loot the patrol and put everything on the cart along with the unconciuos ranger. They made way into the caverns to spend the night.

The next day Vanon used his clerical abilities to heal Brom and Kratos before proceding to retrieve the statue. They carefully covered it with some winter blankets and tied it with ropes before loading it on the cart. While the men were at it, Tamryn watched the southern exit of the room and Scarlet with her watch dog watched the entrance where they came in. It was the barking of the dog that warned everyone of the danger: a giant crab spider had dropped in front of the surprised illusionist. The dog bit the spider and Scarlet feared for her loyal companion as the spider dig its poisonous fangs on him. Luckyly the poison was not strong enough. Alerted by the barks and screams the rest of the party moved to assist and soon the spider layed dead with its carapace broken.

After that they resumed their labors and soon the statue was secured on the cart. They left the caverns under the hill and headed for the woods, which they crossed without incident. They took the trail heading West and arrived at night to Broomsage abbey. The doors of the abbey were closed and were told by a monk to return in the morning. Vanon insisted on seeing prior Morrison and after waiting a for while under the falling snow, the doors finally opened. The prior and half-a-dozen monks waited in the abbey's inner yard. While the abbot accompained the adventurers inside the monks proceeded to unload and store the statue. Hot food was offered to the guests and spartan but clean monk cells were made available for them to rest. Prior Morrison was very pleased they could recover the relic and told Vanon they'll settle what was arranged in the morning.

Before dawn everyone was waken up by the monotonous chants of the monks on their way to Lauds, the early morning service. Most continued sleeping but Vanon woke up and joined the monks. After the service Vanon joined prior Morrison who gave him a small wooden coffer containing 200 platinum coins. When Vanon offered the job to the rest of the group they said they'll do it for 100 gold coins. He gave each of them 30 platinum coins and kept 50 for him.

Here ended the session and I proceeded to give XP. When I said they should add, to the XP gained for defeated monsters, 1 XP per gold coin of treasure, Vanon's player said it was an unfair rule. He felt that he was stealing XP from the rest of the players. The same said my wife who plays Tamryn the thief. She argued that that rule went against anyone wanting to roleplay, for example, an ascetic monk who cares nothing about money or a greedy thief. They wanted, if I agreed, to split the XP from treasure evenly. I said it was fine. What do you think about it?

Until next session!