Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shakespeare Insult Kit Roller

"Thou !"

EDIT: Download the html here!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shakespeare Insult Kit

Will certainly use this with my DCC wizard. :)

To create a Shakespearean insult roll 3d50 and combine one word from each of the three columns below, prefaced with "Thou":

Column 1  Column 2  Column 3
1 artless  base-court  apple-john 
2 bawdy  bat-fowling  baggage 
3 beslubbering  beef-witted  barnacle 
4 bootless  beetle-headed  bladder 
5 churlish  boil-brained  boar-pig 
6 cockered  clapper-clawed  bugbear 
7 clouted  clay-brained  bum-bailey 
8 craven  common-kissing  canker-blossom 
9 currish  crook-pated  clack-dish 
10 dankish  dismal-dreaming  clotpole 
11 dissembling  dizzy-eyed  coxcomb 
12 droning  doghearted  codpiece 
13 errant  dread-bolted  death-token 
14 fawning  earth-vexing  dewberry 
15 fobbing  elf-skinned  flap-dragon 
16 froward  fat-kidneyed  flax-wench 
17 frothy  fen-sucked  flirt-gill 
18 clocking  flap-mouthed  foot-licker 
19 goatish  fly-bitten  fustilarian 
20 gorbellied  folly-fallen  giglet
21 impertinent  fool-born  gudgeon 
22 infectious  full-gorged  haggard 
23 jarring  guts-griping  harpy
24 loggerheaded  half-faced  hedge-pig 
25 lumpish  hasty-witted  horn-beast 
26 mammering  hedge-born  hugger-mugger 
27 mangled  hell-hated  joithead 
28 mewling  idle-headed  lewdster 
29 paunchy  ill-breeding  lout
30 pribbling  ill-nurtured  maggot-pie 
31 puking  knotty-pated  malt-worm 
32 puny milk-livered  mammet
33 quailing  motley-minded  measie
34 rank onion-eyed  minnow 
35 reeky plume-plucked  miscreant 
36 roguish  pottle-deep  moldwarp 
37 ruttish  pox-marked  mumble-news 
38 saucy reeling-ripe  nut-hook 
39 spleeny  rough-hewn  pigeon-egg 
40 spongy  rude-growing  pignut
41 surly  rump-fed  puttock 
42 tottering  shard-borne  pumpion 
43 unmuzzled  sheep-biting  ratsbane 
44 vain spur-galled  scut
45 venomed  swag-bellied  skainsmate 
46 villainous  tardy-gaited  strumpet 
47 warped  tickle-brained  varlot
48 wayward  toad-spotted  vassal 
49 weedy unchin-snouted  whey-face 
50 yeasty weather-bitten wagtail

Thanks Joey Lindsey on G+ for digging this up.

EDIT: Download it here!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad - Session 3

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad is a campaign played every Thursday on G+ Hangouts by Edgar Johnson and Adam Muszkiewicz using Dungeon Crawl Classics. We played our third sessions and finished exploring the Crypt of the Lizard King.

From my four original 0-level characters, a corn farmer, a dwarven miner, an urchin and a minstrel, only the minstrel survived and advanced to be a 1st level wizard.. The urchin died on the first session killed fighting against some bandits, the corn farmer died on the second session killed by a trap, and the dwarven miner died on the last session.

Helm of The Lizard King
Type: Helmet; AL C; Powers: (see below).
• If someone puts on this helm, it will bond closely and permanently to the person's head. The helm may be removed by magical means, but no mundane means short of decapitation will do so. 
• Wearer gains a 3 point bonus to for any task involving influence, leadership, or persuasion. 
• Grants the wearer the ability to find his or her way while afloat on water, and to detect currents and hazards like rocks, reefs, whirlpools or storms. 
• Unless the wearer is of chaotic alignment, he or she will lose 1 hit point per day unless the helm is removed. 

He was killed after trying the Helm of the Lizard King on since he was of lawful alignment and had only 1 hp left. Death by treasure! That was a first one. :)

And that's how my chaotic minstrel now become wizard inherited all the belongings of the dead 0-level characters, including the Helm, he's now wearing.

Session 3 -

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Castle Amber - FLAILSNAILS

A long due session recap. On October 20th I played in the gran finale of Castle Amber game by Shawn Sanford. 

The party:

Sol Irthosian, Fighter level 6
Kellan, Illusionist level 8
Zingaro, Cleric level 3
Grogar Nox, Fighter level 1
Sir the Fist, Cleric/Fighter/Magic User levels 5/5/5
Grimpaw, Cleric level 3
Malice, Assassin level 5

After killing the blue dragon and a wyvern last session, the group continued exploring the tomb in search of Stephen Amber. Gimli kicked a door open only to find a 14' tall stone giant not happy at all to be interrupted in such a way. Kellan used his Wand of Wonders and to our fortune the giant was slowed. Everyone closed to attack it and rapidly it fell under the blows of the groups. 

He had a chest that Gimli opened with a crowbar and inside we found 5000 gp, a magical sword, an ivory scroll case and two vials. Sir the Fist rushed to read the content of the scroll case, but alas it was cursed and he turned into fly inside an amber stone. Luckily one of the clerics had a Remove Curse memorized and he was back to normal. Grogar went for the long sword and felt something when he held it. It was a sentient sword! It was a +1/+2 vs. spell users sword, but also could detect traps and invisibility at will. Meanwhile Grimpaw couldn't decide which vial taste first, and so he checked the vials for marks or tags, the he smelled them, checked their colors and consistencies, but still was undecided. Sir helped him by grabbing one and drink it. One was a Potion of Clairaudience and the other a Potion of Invisibility.

Then we found a manticore in another room and Kellan used again his Wand of Wonders, this time engulfing the whole room in darkness. Then Sir the Fist threw a Fireball into the darkened room. One of the clerics dispelled the darkness with a Light spell and everyone threw missiles at the manticore that retaliated with its dangerous spikes. After killing it we found its treasure, about 3000 gp, all melted. We cut it into nuggets and distributed it among us.

There were two doors in that room. One led to a room with fiery walls and an ember-covered floor, that we decided not to explore. The other has a small beach beyond the door and was full of water. Sir the Fist and Sol (or Grogar?) flew in the carpet and spotted a huge Great White. Someone suggested to start chumming the waters with the manticore and so we did. That lured the shark close enough to fire missiles at it while shooting at it with guns from above. We also chummed the water more with manticore poisonous spikes inside the entrails. The shark ate them and died.

Across the room another door led to a room occupied by a 5-headed hydra! Several intents to attack it from the carpet went wrong. Kellan suggested to go invisible. He cast Greater Invisibilty on Gimli and Sir flew it to the hydra. While Gimli battled single-handed the hydra, Sir flew Grimpaw, then Sol, and the Sir himself descended. The hydra was soon dead.

From there a single door led to the tomb of Stephen Amber. A tapestry hung behind the coffin and Sol prompted us to burn it. We did so and a robed man with a golden crown appeared. We had saved the king!
Everything vanished in a mist and we were all back to the castle, where the king tanked us all and produced from his robes valued gifts for everyone.

Gimli got a ring worth 10000 gp and Malice the Elf Assassin with his gift was able to pay his debt to the dwarf. 

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad - Sessions 1 & 2

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad is a campaign played every Thursday on G+ Hangouts by Edgar Johnson and Adam Muszkiewicz using Dungeon Crawl Classics. We played two sessions and so far it's been a blast!

This is my first time playing DCC and beginning with four 0-level characters is really fun, since the variety lets you do things that couldn't be done with only one character. It's a simple game system and the game fast-paced. I begun with a corn farmer, a dwarven miner, an urchin and a minstrel. The urchin died on the first session and the corn farmer on the second.