Friday, February 18, 2011

Week and weekend

This week the Google Wave game (The Dark Ages - The Southern Seas campaign) was full of interesting events that moved the adventure forward. We managed to open the mage's tomb and carefully begun its exploration. The stairs led down to an hexagonal room with two exits and a raised balcony with a niche above it. One of the exits ended in a cave-in, while the other after a couple of stairs ended in a stone slab. The raised platforn led to a small room with some cauldrons and strange inscriptions on the walls. The niche above it to a bigger room with columns and two stone slab doors.

Thanks to Alan, who plays Landyn the half-elven fighter/magic-user, here's a map of the tomb so far:

All stone slabs beared the same strange gleaming inscriptions. We opened the northern door of the columns room. It was filled with an eerie darkness that obscured all light sources and prevented any sound to enter/leave the room. Tied with a rope to guide him Landyn explored the room and came out with a 4 ft. tall stone urn. He repeated the process three times more and each time he returned with an urn.

We the tried the door beyond the stairs an it led to the same room. This time he discovered a rectangular stonework which we think is a sarcophagus. He also discovered a slightly raised flagstone and after lifting it found a cache of coins! Our first treasure after a year of gaming on the Wave. An exciting moment. Along with Merrick, Landyn proceeded to fill all our spare sacks with the coins, only to be told by the DM (ChicagoWiz) that we thought we barely took a small portion of the treasure. We decided to leave with that (and the urns) and come back later.

Meanwhile Orbilar (me) was outside the tomb checking the mounts when a dozen of mounted Elves approached. They were on their way to Skalfier (our base of operations) for a Conclave and have lost their way. Their leader had a glowing set of chainmail armor (drool).

More next week!

A weekend of work and gaming awaits. Some painting on the future baby's room and a trip to the mall to buy "baby stuff". Now I'm off to play our one-every-two-weeks Millenium's End game and tomorrow night is time for my Labyrinth Lord sandbox game.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Uncovered treasures

Here are a couple of treasures I recently discovered while emptying a cabinet, as part of the many changes going on in the apartment for the baby that arrives next month. I found 13 issues of Dragon magazine! They are issues 118, 123, 124, 125, 133, 137, 143, 152, 173, 187, 204 and 206 (x2). Many of them has no cover but all are in good conditions.

The other one is the Ultima Online Renaissance reference guide with the maps of Trammel and Felucca. I don't know where the boxed set and CD are, but at least this one remains.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


The OOC wave from our Google Wave game has seen a lot of activity lately related to miniatures and painting (painting techniques, paints, brushes, storage, etc).

Added to that I recently found (among other treasures I'll comment later) a couple of boxes with painted/unpainted miniatures. Here's my humble stash of miniatures:

I hope all this will give me the momentum to go back to painting!

EDIT: Thanks to ChicagoWiz and Ken.