Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've never been a prolific blogger and now with my two-month son blogging came to a near halt. But at least I owe my followers an update.

My two Greyhawk campaigns are officially and indefinitely on hold. I'm currently playing AD&D/OSRIC on Google Wave (which it's possible because I follow it from work ;->) and Millenium's End once every two weeks. That reminds me that I never posted my ME character.

Now a friend that just returned from Japan (he was the DM of our Ars Magica game before leaving) wanted to set up a new campaign based on the scandinavian Eddas in which the Christianization was seen by the pagan völvas as the begining of the Ragnarök. It's going to be a dark fantasy-low magic campaign, and we're deciding which rules set to use. We're between GURPS 4e Lite or BRP Quick-Start Edition to keep it simple.

I'm going to play a blacksmith (I'll post that character too, promise!) and my wife a female warrior. Let's see if our little Ivan let us play...