Friday, July 03, 2009

One Page Dungeon: Shrine of the Rodent God

This blog has been up for some time and its sole intention was to have a place to keep my RPG characters. I always wanted to post something else about my hobby but I guess I didn't have anything worth to say until the 1PDC. Being a player and DM for some time, I must say I enjoyed very much the whole process of creating and submitting an entry (Shrine of the Rodent God). Though it didn't get even an honorable mention, someone found it likeable and took the time to made some comments about it.

Follow this link to found more about them: Alex Schroeder: 2009-07-02 More of my 1PDC Favorites:

"Shrine of the Rodent God by Gabriel Perez: The first room starts with an “in your face” trap. I like that. The magic mouth gives you instructions and everybody immediately suspects that something is going to happen – but nobody knows what. I also like it that you can get to the other side of the trap and loot it.

The best part about this dungeon are the various lycanthropes that the players might ally themselves with. There’s a wererat, a werebat, and a werecat “of the Feline Order” – hell yeah! – trying to fight them. I like the setup!"

Thanks Alex!