Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blackmoor underbaronies II

In the Canonfire! forums, users Chameleon and StuGIII shared some comments and ideas about the same topic. I decided to take them into account and make some changes on the previous list of Blackmoor's underbaronies.

The still inhabited and surviving underbaronies are:
  1. Dantredun.
  2. Dearthkettle (includes Glendour keep).
  3. Blackmoor - The town is in ruins and occupied by Orcs but the underbarony it is not. Mosshold and the Wizard's Wood are part of it.
  4. Ramshorn - After the castle was rebuilt a small village grew around it.
  5. Tonnsborg - The seat of power is not properly in Tonnsborg, but elsewhere in an inland manor or estate to the NE.
  6. Stornawane (includes Broomsage Abbey).
The ruined underbaronies are:
  1. Trollbar - The town/castle might still be inhabited but the open country to the North and East is abandoned.
  2. Egg of Coot - The area is a ruined underbarony only inhabited by the Egg's automata, Orc and Qullan tribes.
  3. Kolbenborg - The area west of the Egg, north of the Burneal Forest and south of the Land of Black Ice is ruined and abandoned.
  4. Greenhead - The village/keep, south of Stornawane in the middle of the Cold Marshes, might be inhabited but the area around it is abandoned.