Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maure Castle game session 1

The first session of our monthly Maure Castle campaing finnaly took place! It was a couple of weeks ago but I've been with little time to post.

Denar, High Priest of Heironeous, returned to the city of Greyhawk victorious from the crusade that liberated part of the Shield Lands from the gasp of the Old One. He came along with Kammar, the Myrmidon/Kensai, who is in search of his mentor supposedly taken by mininons of Malcanthet the Queen of Succubi. While in the city they met with Quinath Leafholder, the elven Warlock/Defender/Bladesinger and Knight of Luna, and Kentsui Inowe, the Master of Autumn, who were resting from their last adventure: retriving the Tome of the Black Heart from the dungeons of Maure Castle and killing the evil wizard Eli Tomorast. Since they all have motives to return to Maure Castle, they wind-walked back to Quinath's tower in Urnst to plan the next incursion to the castle dungeons.

Most of the session was used to finish some details of the Kensai, put the party together and recap what their characters knew about the castle. Thay also did some exploration of the Statuary looking for ways into other levels. The Guardian Shields are giving them a hard time.

It was a long time since they last played, but now they are on track, excited and hoping gather again soon.

Untl next session!