Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LotFP - Thelian Islands Campaign

On July 27th we had our 3rd LotFP game via G+ hangout.

Having defeated the hobgoblin raiders, we found among them a waterproof scroll case containing a map with all the human trade routes. The hobgoblins certainly had spied in the major human cities. Fearing they might return to get back such precious information, sentries were to be alert throughout the day.

Meanwhile went back to further explore the ruins we discovered last session. Hrok was delighted with his new pet, a perfect man-sized d20, summoned from the Plane of Geometry.

In what once were the bedchambers of the mage that supposedly lived here, we found a chest containing a magic backpack (a Hewards Handy Haversack) and a satchel with more gold and silver old coins than we've seen before (100 g.p. bearing a head in the obverse and a crown in the reverse; 200 s.p. with a hammer and a crown). We came to a collapsed passage and decided to go back to the village, and get some people to clear it. We also talked with Grako, the village elder, and Sleven, the village shaman, about performing a ritual in the sweat lodge to try to foresee what will happen in the near future. It was some crazy stuff about a tree and leaves with bear form scattered by the wind across the oceans, and reaching new lands.

The day after the ritual we returned to the ruins, in which the cave in was already cleared. We discovered a large room with 10 sarcophagi, 4 of them opened (probably the 4 skeletons we encountered here). We opened the others one by one finding: a pair of earrings and necklace, two rings and a circlet, a jewelled dagger, a blue book with symbols, a dagger with winged hilt (it was lost into the night), a suit of chainmail and a sword (screaming man), a scimitar and a poison trap.

On August 10th we gathered for our 4th LotFP game via G+ hangout.

Joe told us he was going to use the sample dungeon (The Tower of Zenopus) on the Holmes Blue Book, which I found really awesome because I never had the chance to play that classic. Sarah suggested we used a shared Google Drawing so we all could see the map. Great idea!

I thought the encounter with the ghouls was our end. Signy got paralyzed, as was the hobgoblin summoned by Hrok, and then Antii, who was trying to sneak attack one ghoul from behind Hrok's large d20, but Hrok moved it ruining his attempt, got paralyzed too! Hrok fled with his dice chased by the remaining ghoul who followed him to the village, where it was hacked to pieces. By the time he went back we were already free. We found a couple of gems and some gold pieces.

We then killed some giant rats (silver pieces and silver dagger), discovered a robed skeleton with its skull crushed (bone scroll case with a scroll of Levitate) , killed 4 skeletons hidden in web covered niches, found a trap door to a collapsed tower (bone wand), a bronze sun dial and a mask we didn't dared to touch and ended in a cave with a fresh water stream and phosphorous fungi. Hrok sent his dice downstream but it failed to return. Giving it up as lost we continued to the NE and found a similar cave. We were about to go back when the dice appeared behind us. Hrok asked it several questions about where it went and seen, but all answers were negative. When asked by Antii  if he had seen anything we were carrying, it answered yes. The dice began rolling to the NW when asked where and we followed.

We entered a big cave with a sandy beach in where there was a strange clarity, even though there was no light coming into it. We could also hear the sea, but couldn't see it. On the beach there were several bodies (we assumed they were pirates), two ruined boats, three wooden chests all rotten and a small wooden box in perfect conditions. The chests contained a huge treasure of silver pieces and gems. The small box had three words carved on it: jolly, dragonship and batten, that when spoken transformed it into a rowboat, a longship and back the box. We got our own ship to get out of the island! An island we always lived in but no one remembered a cave like this. It was then that Signy took everything off and swam out to sea through the cavern wall. It was an illusion! Clever pirates...

After gathering all the treasure, we continued exploring the place and discovered  some hobgoblin skeletons. They were not as old as what we've found so far, so they must know of the place. Then we busted open a door and found a spinning statue. You spin the statue and the door it points automatically opens. Even though he couldn't understand why somebody would do something like that, Antii tinkered with the mechanism enough to understand it.

And with all that the group returned to the village.