Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saints & Sinners

My friend +Gerardo Tasistro launched today his latest project on DriveThruRPG:

Saints & Sinners is a modern combat roleplaying game set between WWII and the Vietnam war. It's a light d6 game meant to leverage the player's decisions and GM ruling to create a fast paced adventure. The GM screen fits on a two sided piece of paper and includes all tables and modifiers needed to run the game. The quick start guide is four pages long and allows the players to jump into the game after rolling 6 stats and selecting basic equipment and skills.

Highlights of the game include:
  • Fear and suppression as a key element in combat. Rate of fire, visibility and psychological reactions play an important role in the game. Spotting, attacking and relocating become key strategies as a player. 
  • Chained hand to hand combat that links the attack and defence of opponents in a way that allows for the use of martial arts style and stance(offensive, defensive and neutral) to gain advantage when defending or attacking.
  • Skills are easy to understand, describe and use. The team rules allow for character cooperation by pooling their skills to achieve greater chance of success when failure is not an option.
The game uses a novel 4d6 system requiring only d6 to play and is cantered around a task roll system that uses human readable terms such as hard, difficult, skilled or expert. It is detailed around combat given the nature of the game, but it can be easily extended by the players and GM to apply it for other tasks such as piloting, intelligence gathering, etc.

This is a rough-cut edition with extensive play test going on. Keep an open eye for updates and new releases of the rules. Your feedback is always welcome please follow the game and join our play tests and demonstrations in the Weapons Free community on G+.

Get your copy now (it's PWYW!), read it, play it, join the upcoming play tests. Let us know what you think.

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