Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blackmoor baronies

I've been gathering all the available information on the web about the World of Greyhawk realm of the Archbarony of Blackmoor for my new campaign that I'm starting soon for a new group.

Although I've found plenty of it, there was a question that has been on my head for some time: What are the names of the ten baronies of the Archbarony of Blackmoor? Since that information is nowhere to be found I decided to create the list myself.

Here it goes:

1. Dantredun
2. Glendour
3. Dearthkettle
4. Ramshorn (ruins; later rebuilt)
5. Blackmoor (ruins)
6. Kolbenborg (ruins)
7. Stornawane
8. Trollbar
9. Broomsage (ruins; only the abbey remain)
10. Mosshold

I didn't include Tonnsborg as a possible barony because it was founded by the Zeai as a mere trading outpost. Initially Broomsage was not on the list for being mentioned just as an abbey but, giving it a second thought, maybe the abbey is all that survived of that barony. I also considered Mosshold to be on the list and discarded for being too near to Blackmoor town to be a separate barony. Then thought that that wasn't a good enough reason and completed the list with it.

According with the GHWiki four of the ten baronies are in ruins: Blackmoor was destroyed by the forces of the Egg of Coot, Kolbenborg was abandoned for being near the fabled City of the Gods, Ramshorn was in ruins until Teuod Fent rebuilt it, and of Broomsage all that is left is the abbey.

This list is by no means definite and it's open to suggestions or modifications.