Thursday, July 08, 2010

2010 World Cup - Uruguay for a place in the podium

Last Tuesday in a thrilling and exciting game the "Charruas" fought to the last round against the "Orange Clockwork", but it was not enough. They left the battlefield defeated but with their heads high for they gave everything, everything. They should be proud for what they've done so far. A superb World Cup.

Next Saturday the "Celestes" will face the Teutonic juggernaut that, despite their stumble against Serbia, passed like a steamroller over their opponents. Until today where they crashed against the Spaniards led by "Tarzan" Puyol. A great achievement for "La Furia" to reach the finals for the first time.

Just like in 1970, the fight for the 3rd. place repeats itself, Uruguay vs. Germany. We hope to win and avenge that previous match but, whatever the result, be sure the team will be received back as champions. Thank you guys and good luck!