Monday, October 25, 2010

Books have arrived!

As you can see, and after a couple of weeks, the books finally arrived. Sadly the cover and some pages of Stonehell Dungeon were damaged by the morons of the Postal Office. They put a sticker of "damaged packaging" but I know it was them. Here in Uruguay every package that comes from abroad is opened to see if what's inside it's what the invoice says. Yes, I'm wondering too why they don't use a scanner or something less primitive than opening them up and violate my privacy. The thing is that here only books and music/movies under $100 can pass without problem. Anything else is stopped by Customs and you have to go personally (during ridiculous public hours if you work) to the airport (outside the city), pay the fees and get your stuff.

Anyway, aside from that minor inconvenience, the books are here for me to enjoy. Now I'm waiting for my Orcus poster. Hope it gets here undamaged or the P.O. will feel his wrath!