Tuesday, October 09, 2012

No sympathy for the devil

Having drawn the Flames* from a Deck of Many Things at the Wampus Country campaign, Gimli went to the Stump-Witch to get some insight on the subject.

Stump-Witch: "I can see you've a devil's eye upon you, Gimli of Geoff. I can divine the devil's identity - although not a true name of power, of course - for a price. Will you exchange a favor for a favor, brave earth-kin?"

Gimli: "Sure, wise old lady. I swear on my clan's honor I'll fulfill your request if you provide me the identity of this devil and how can I defend myself from it."

Stump-Witch: "Listen closely, bearded one. The devil you have offended is quite implacable - you have had a hand in the destruction of his scaly lover, and, hearing of this, has placed a bounty upon your head. Many creatures of the various hells know your name and your scent, Gimli of Geoff. How best to defend yourself? I cannot say - perhaps you could seek out this devil and slay him, of course... but in the meantime, a show of force might dissuade those diabolic bounty-hunters, leaving you with but one devil's hatred. Surely that is a gain? Go with your elf-blooded companion [Sir the Fist of Uther] and sail upon dark and forgotten seas. There will you find the loose end of a string - the other end of which is held by he who would slay you. Hew close to kin to increase your chance of survival in the coming weeks, earth-blood."

"As my information was meager, so too my request. Gimli of Geoff, I charge you thus: find ye a good church or abbey, young and struggling, and aid it in some measurable way, even if it costs you personally. The path you tread in the coming nights is dark, and you must light torches along the way."

Gimli: "You've got a deal lady", and spits his hand and extends it to the witch.

The Stump-Witch has quite a grip - and a bit of a smirk.

Later in the HMS Apollyon, at a bar in Sterntown, Gimli came across a Sea Witch, with kelp for hair and a ragged shawl. He consulted her about the devil issue. The witch took a bag, shook it and dropped some fish bones on the table. After staring at the bones for a while she screamed "Seek the great Leviathan!", before running out of the place.

He looked forward to kill the bug-eyed Baatezu lord named Mhalchris, just to prove this devil that nobody messes with this dwarf, but the way the events unfolded prevented such encounter.

We'll see how this develops in the FLAILSNAILS universes...

* Flames (QC) Enmity between you and a devil.