Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gaming update

This is what I've played since my penultimate post:


On September 26th, October 3rd, 10th (missed this one) and 17th, the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad crew carried the Super Secret Playtest sessions of the now published Blood for the Serpent King adventure by +Edgar Johnson.

On October 24th we celebrated the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad's First Anniversary with a funnel adventure!

On November 7th , +Adam Muszkiewicz  started In The Shadow Of The Silicon God with the survivors of the Anniversary gameDuring the Festival of Ajman Adan, the Patron of Pins and Needles, the Grand Vizier of Ur-Hadad comes under attack and only the adventurers can protect His Eminence from death! But who are the mysterious cultists and what are their plans for the First City?


On November 30th +Jason Hobbs set up a game, Zelkor's Ferry, in which we begun exploring the ruins of Rappan Athuk. Never played ACKS before and I enjoyed it a lot. Even though I have a Bard with the worst name ever, thanks to the random name generator from WotC site: Davfalcon Falconfligth. Anyway, hope we can play again and continue delving deeper into its dungeons.

Cards Against Humanity

On December 6th we hosted a small gathering of friends at home. Our kid was staying with the granpas, so we were not to worry about making some noise. We had downloaded and printed in advance the fan translation in Spanish (AR) of the free version of the game. All of us have had previous experience in different RPGs and tabletop games, but none of us had played CAH before. Those who were more skeptical about how fun it would be, ended up making the most points! We didn't play exactly by the rules: everyone took cards from the deck after each round or dropped a card that was too specific for Argentine (politicians or entertainment figures). All in all everyone had a blast and the game lasted up to 4am. :)

More DCC!

After missing a couple of sessions, on December 8th I had the chance to play again in RPGPundit's game (+Kasimir Urbanski). I also had the chance to meet new players, Philip and his sons, Sebastian and Benjamin. I've never had the opportunity to see father and sons together in a RPG session, and I found it was awesome that they shared the hobby. I wish I could do the same with mine in the future.