Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My first RPG

Gaming as Women is running an experiment on G+ about how we got into role playing games.

1) What's the first RPG you ever played?

It was AD&D 1e in 1987.

2) How did you get involved in that game?

At that time I was in highschool and some classmates were already going through the Temple of Elemental Evil. Some of the guys weren't able to play at that time and they asked another friend and I if we wanted to join the game. Since then I never stopped playing.

3) What about your first game made you want to play again?

By then I was already into fantasy, reading Lord of the Rings books, and the game allowed me to actually play in a similar setting, taking imagination to another level. But above all, it was another chance to hang out and have fun with friends, and also meet new people.


EDIT: I forgot to mention I met my wife at the gaming table! ;)