Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rust - TPK

What follows is Greg Chrstopher's recap as posted in G+:

"[Alex] avoided a TPK last night. [His] character survived by going back to town with a cough. "

"First, they tried to go aggro on the ghouls again. This resulted in Gerardo being shot at point blank range by two guys with shotguns. He survived only by the grace of metal armor. But he was captured, along with Gabriel, and the door was closed again. Gabriel was offered a deal to go south and kill some farmers, if he did that they would release Gerardo after he healed up from his wounds (they treated him).

So they went south, pretended to be nice to the farmers, got a warm meal, and then had a whispered conversation on the porch about killing all the farmers. They didn't realize one of the farmer's kids was under the porch until he tossed a grenade up there.

Ray grabbed the grenade but couldn't throw it in time. He was reduced to a bloody mess with 1 hp. Gabriel opened the door into the house, unloaded a full clip and hit only... 1 dude. For 4 damage, which was stopped by armor. So.... Gabriel took a barrage of fire from 8 people and was critically wounded. Then Jason, sensing he was about to die, threw Ray's broken body over his shoulder and ran to the end of the porch. The chief farmer came around the corner with a shotgun and dropped him, killing Ray with the splash damage.

Then, standing over the two wounded PCs, he said....

"Bobby, go fire up the woodchipper".

And then the session ended.

Well, it ended after I described Gerardo getting a fighter jet that the ghouls had in their base up and running, but he crashed it into the ground. There is an inside joke there, but I have written enough here for now :)"


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