Sunday, September 24, 2023

Back to F2F games

Yesterday I ran my first face-to-face game since the Covid-19 pandemic. One of my players, who lives in Mexico, is here in Uruguay for a month, so we're looking forward for more face-to-face games. The common feeling around the table, besides the joy of being gathered together, was "How much I missed rolling real dice!". We had one player remote on Meet on a laptop facing the map and miniatures.

The party (an 8th level Cavalier, a 9th level Magic-User, an 8th level Cleric of St. Cuthbert, a 9th level Thief-Acrobat and a 4th level Bard) is going through "G3 - Halls of the Fire Giant King". So far, they've managed to kill King Snurre, about 20 of his fire giants, as well as many of his hell hound pets. Out of spells and exhausted but alive, accompanied by a charmed gnoll, they've retired to a cave nearby to rest and recover. 

A certain dwarf that witnessed the carnage that party made, decided to grab his gear and treasure, and leave the Halls along with the gnolls. An angry and mourning Queen Frupy will certainly muster the remaining forces and lay some nasty surprises for the intruders...

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Latest acquisitions


Last month I backed up Joseph Bloch's latest Kickstarter for the 10th Anniversary of his mega-dungeon "Castle of the Mad Archmage". I chose the digital copy since I already have the original one in print, and it will make a suitable addition to it. Everything that the Greyhawk Grognard has ever published about it, all in one single tome!

This month Robert J. Kuntz, through Three Line Studio, digitally released "The Return of Robilar". A complete guide of this iconic D&D and World of Greyhawk figure; his stats, history, magical items, companions (Otto and Quij), mounts (3 green dragons!) and more. A must have to celebrate the Lord of the Green Dragons 50th birthday!

Monday, July 31, 2023

GaryCon XVI


Last Saturday 29th I got my Silver Badge for Gary Con XVI (March 21st - 24th, 2024). I'm going with a friend, fellow gamer and player in my campaigns, and looking forward to meet in person many online friends for the first time (Aron Clark, James Richards, Michael "ChgoWiz" Shorten, Jason Hobbs, Allan "grodog" Grohe Jr.), and others I haven't seen since Gen Con 2014 like DCC artist Doug Kovacs. Also, it would be great to meet some World of Greyhawk streamers I've been following and supporting for some time like Jay "Lord Gosumba" Scott, Anna Meyer and Joseph "Greyhawk Grognard" Bloch.

This trip is like a pilgrimage to the Mecca of Dungeons & Dragons, and it gets more significance since it's celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of D&D. We plan to make the most of it by playing some games, hanging out with cool people, visiting the former TSR HQ, and both Gary Gygax's home and memorial.

Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

AD&D with the kids

I've had this post in backburner as a draft for a while and I think it's time to wrap it up. 

On the weekend of May 21st three of my nephews stayed for a sleepover. One is 10, one is 11, just like my son, and the oldest is 14. He was the one that asked me if I could run some D&D for them. I said yes right away and went to gather all my AD&D 1e stuff: PHB, DMG, MM, battle mat, miniatures and dice tower. I also took from my bookshelf the module B1-9 "In Search of Adventure" which I've never used before. 

This was not the first time they've played D&D. I've already ran a couple of one-shot games for them, but that was long ago. They loved it, but I guess they were too young to really appreciate the game. 

I started like it was the first time they were playing, explaining the attributes and rolling some dices to created their characters. I used the 4d6 drop lower method and maximum hit points at 1st level. Then it was the time for the races and classes. After a while they had Jibbeth the elf fighter, Rip the gnome fighter, Gurk the half-orc cleric and Eduardo the elf thief. 

I distributed some armor and weapons suitable for their race/class choices, and the asked them what would they put in a backpack before going adventuring. Food, water, beer and rope were their choices. I had them note that, even if all could see in the dark, they would need some light source for certain tasks. Torches, flint & steel and oil were then added to the equipment list. They were ready!

I put some choices on the table about what to do next: 1) A wealthy noble had acquired a ruined castle near the town and wanted it cleared of critters. 2) An elven merchant needed to send a message to his town deep in the woods. 3) Rumors of a renegade cleric and a band of orcs were harassing the border farms. Which way would they go?

After a brief discussion, and pondering of pros and cons, they decided to explore the abandoned castle. So off they went into CASTLE CALDWELL. They explored the upper works and found some goblins that they tried to talk to, with little luck. A fight followed and ended with a couple of dead goblins, one escaped with the last one surrendered and promised to serve the half-orc cleric. Then they found some giant mosquitoes (stirges) from which they fled after the goblin was attacked and killed. I threw in a large furry humanoid (bugbear), leader of the goblins that went to see what was all the ruckus, to see how they did, and after some lucky rolls they managed to defeat it. They left the castle back to town with some treasure to spend and some wounds to heal.

On their second foray into the castle they found a female cleric, that posed as a prisoner of some bandits (I didn't use the traders), but was actually their leader. She was thankful and sought revenge, so they agreed to help her. They found the thieves and when combat broke she turned on them! The thieves were slain but the cleric escaped. They took the bandit's treasure and continued exploring. The group came across some small dog-men (kobolds) that the half-orc quickly subdued into his service. The creatures told them about the fire-spitting beetles (I didn't use the wolves) and they decided to investigate. The hungry beetles attacked them on sight, but they managed to defeat the monsters. They cleverly took their fiery glands to sell in town. The party left the castle with more treasure and a retinue of kobolds.

After recovering from their wounds, selling some treasure and getting better equipment, they went back to the castle to finish exploring, only to find there were some dungeons below. They went down and were puzzled by the clean rooms and corridors. A cubic mass of semi-transparent jelly (gelatinous cube) surprised them but they managed to escape.

We ended the session here.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Virtual Greyhawk Con 4



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