Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 World Cup - Fifth day encounters

The "Fighting Jondas" arrived for the first time to the tournament after regaining independence. On the other side of the battlefield, and after an absence of 28 years, were the "All Whites". The Slovaks managed to score a hit, and just when they thought they had the encounter in their pocket, the Kiwis snatched their victory scoring in injury-time, wining their first ever WC point.

At secondies the "Navigators" led by captain Cristiano Ronaldo landed on the dangerous shores of the Ivory Coast. They were faced by the "Elephants" led by the talismanic Dorgba. Despite the feints, attacks and counter-attacks made by both sides the Portuguese couldn't advance inland and the Ivorians couldn't push them back to the sea. The encounter ended in a deadlock.

Everyone expected to see the five times champion have an easy one against the "Chollima", as the representatives of the oriental evil empire are known. The "Verde-Amarela" took its time to measure its rival and with two magic tricks secured the victory. In the end, the North Koreans conjured a spell that scared the "jogo bonito", but it wasn't enough to equalize the match .