Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Joe Black

This character was created for a Google+ Hangout game using the Hollowpoint set of rules (GM: John Johnson).

He's a 35 y.o. ex-military (sniper) member of the Monster Hunter International agency.

1. Memento of your first monster encounter?
Werewolf tooth necklace.
2.  You don't have a lot of scruples, but you would "never do this".
Shoot women or children.
3. That one time in Utah you took a souvenir...
A bible. He collects bibles from motels.
4. This is a hard job, but you love it because "you get to do this".
Love to kill monsters more than people (but he'll do it if he has to).
5. You're a pro and you know you're a pro because you always "do this".
Always get the job done whatever it takes.

Kill - 5
Dig - 4
Take - 3
Con - 2
Cool - 1
Terror - 0

Primary Objective - Retrieve or destroy "The Nameless Book", an ancient arcane tome stolen from the Monster Hunter International's vaults.
Secondary Objective - Neutralize a former MHI agent known as "The Scorpion", who had gone rogue and supposedly took the tome.

Wounded on the shoulder (OUT).