Monday, May 21, 2012


On Friday 11th I played my first FLAILSNAILS (Free Location And Inclusion Laws Supporting New And Interesting Leisure Situations) game on G+. The game was run by JoeTheLawyer and along with Chris K., Steven G., Darcy W., Chris H., we explored Castle Zagyg!

I brought in my first character ever: Gimli of Geoff, a dwarven fighter from 1e AD&D. It was level 5 by the time he died in the Temple of the Elemental Evil (I won't spoil telling how he died). I had it toned it down to 1st level since it was my first FLAISNAILS game. The rest of the party were:
  • Arma, Elven fighter/thief
  • Kellan, Human illusionist
  • Graham, Human monkish fighter/mage (whatever that is, LOL)
  • Flak, Human fighter
I really enjoyed it a lot. Thanks guys!

EDIT: Last Friday we played again and I had a blast! Recaps of both sessions will follow soon.