Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Hairy Wizard Formerly Known As Ian The Minstrel

Yes, I couldn't come up with a suitable name, so that's it. He's the survivor of my DCC funnel for the "Return to the Crypt of the Lizard King" adventure, which you can read about here and here on +Edgar Johnson blog. 

He's a chaotic cultist devoted to the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad, which you can read about here, on +Adam Muszkiewicz blog, who is now DMing the "Slaves of the Silicon God" adventure. 

He wears a purple robe embroidered with golden tentacles, wears the Helm of the Lizard King and is very hairy, thanks to the mercurial effect of 1'' of all body hair growth every time he casts Sleep. Lately he's been experimenting the effects of powdered space tentacle. Will he get a ticket for CUI (casting under influence)?

We're in the city of Ur-Hadad, after exploring a ruined temple in the jungle, that was inhabited by some curiously intelligent ape-men. Let's see what the Metal Gods and +Edgar Johnson has prepared in the near future, when we explore the  "Mysterious Temple of the Serpent God"...

Thanks to +Bear Philippe for the picture.

STR 5, AGI 14, STA 10, PER 10, INT 18, LCK 7

EDIT: He became Formerly Ian after all the corruption he suffered through different adventures: hairy, eyes of different color, legs of different length, wobbly legs, sores and more.

EDIT2: He became Formerly Formerly Ian after magically healing all corruption and reverting to his original form.

EDIT3: He appeared on the back of the second issue of the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad zine drawn by +Wayne Snyder. It was also in a tshirt and stickers.