Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kenneth Twinblade

This character was created for an AD&D 2e campaign (DM: Marcelo B.).
After Ilmor was killed fighting against pirates in the Nyr Dyv, I rolled this new character. By that time I was reading R. A. Salvatore's "Dark Elf Trilogy" so I made Kenneth a human cavalier that fought with two scimitars. ;-)

Others characters from the original group also have died, and some took the characters they had with another DM and introduced them in this new campaign. So, by that time the adventuring party was:
  • Elthanas, an elven cavalier prince from Gamboge forest (Javier R.)
  • Femandil, an elven fighter/mage from Ratik (Rodolfo P.)
    • Raimen, an elven fighter/mage from Gamboge forest
  • Haldir, a human ranger from the Gamboge forest (Sebastian R.)
  • Lustvich, an elven archer/thief from Gamboge forest (German H.)
  • Jheran, a human magic-user/cleric (Daniel R.)
  • Uimlith, a elven duid from Gamboge forest (Eduardo B.)
    • Sarons, a human cleric
  • Kenneth Twinblade, a human cavalier (Gabriel P.)
Kenneth was from the County of Byron in the Archeclery of Veluna. He met the adventurers in the city of Admunfort (Shield Lands) where he had traveled to join the Knights of the Holy Shielding. Kenneth was killed by an ogre-mage somewhere in the White Plume Mountain dungeons.

Str 17/52, Int 13, Wis 12, Dex 16/01, Con 15/63, Cha 14, Cms 10