Monday, January 16, 2006

Jurgen Von Hohenzollern

This was a character for a GAMMA World adventure (DM: Gerardo T.).

Playing GAMMA World was somehow different from what I was used to play, but I enjoyed it very much.

Jurgen was a 21 y.o. pure human from the Cambol clan of Hardsville (OH, United America). He was 1.95m tall, 90 kg, with short blonde hair and light blue eyes.

The other member of the party were:
  • Deklo McCabe, a humanoid with 2 brains that could polymorph and multiplicate. (JavierR.)
  • Chip, a humanoid with chamaleon and flying powers. (?)
  • Eddie, a humanoid like Deklo but with one brain. (?)
  • Rexvan Erol, a pure human. (?)
  • Tigris aka "Thundercat", a mutant with chameleon powers. (?)
  • Bluck, a mutant Eagleman. (?)
  • Sigfried Von Hohenzollern, a pure human (Jurgen's brother) . (Rodolfo P.)
  • Jurgen Von Hohenzollern, a pure human. (Gabriel P.)
MS 15, IN 14, DX 10, PS 10, CH 8, CN 14, CM 12