Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 World Cup - Eleventh day encounters

After not being able to conquer the Ivory Coast, the navigators continued exploring the Globe. Winds and tides took them to the lands of an evil empire led by one known as the "Supreme Leader", a misterious figure, some say a lich, that lives locked down in his fortress. As the battle raged, the high-spirited Koreans defenses slowly crumbled down and were torn apart by the Portugese explorers with a magnificent flurry of blows.

The next match was marked by the force of "La Roja" attackes against an almost unmovable "Schweizer Nati" defence. But by the end of the battle the Chileans ended the 10-man "Nati" resistance and almost secured a place within the last 16.

After stumbling against the Swiss, the Spaniards made honor to their nickname, "La Furia", went berserk and launched a furious onslaught against the "Chatracos", who proved unable to quell it and fell after two of the many attacks, even a free-kick, hit the mark.

And so today ended the second round of encounters.