Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 World Cup - Seventh to Tenth day encounters

Oops, looks like I felt way behind schedule on reporting the World Cup encounters! Forgive me but I was still celebrating Uruguay's victory... ;-)

Day Seven:

Once again the "Albicelestes" left the battlefield victorious. With three succesful to hits from striker Higuain and a Korean natural 1 (hit self) they managed to skin the "Tigers of Asia", who barely scratched Maradona's team.

The "Super Eagles" gained initiative and everybody thought the Greek Phalanx was again doomed. But the Olympian Gods got involved and the formation held. With a solid shield-wall and lowered spears they marched forward. The eagles just flew away severely wounded.

"Les Bleus" never lost against "El Tri" for the World Cup but, with the divine intervention of the Olman gods that granted the Aztecs a victory, they left the Gauls in a state of internal uproar.

Day Eight:

The Serbian crusaders tripped the Teutonic juggernaut into a halt. The crash was so hard that they were dizzy for the several rounds, lost a man and missed a free kick!

On the most thrilling encounter so far, Slovenians and Americans gave a great show. Pure hack-and-slash! The Europeans landed two mighty blows and some thought it was the end for Uncle Sam's gang, but they found strength in weakness and with two accurate ripostes leveled the battle. There was also room for controversy as the Dungeon Master messed with the dices behind the screen and nullified a hit that would have given a victory the Americens.

In the duel of the lycans, and with the presence of both english Princes, the "Were-Lions" couldn't overcome the cunning "Desert Were-Foxes" as many expected, leaving the former frustrated and the latter elated.

Day Nine:

It seems that the gnomish "Clockwork Orange" is running flawlessly and defeated the "Samurais", proving to be a candidate to win the cup.

After healing their serious wounds received in the previous encounter, the "Socceroos" faced the "Black Stars" with renewed hope. They damaged the Africans during the first rounds but lost a man and granted a free kick. Ghana lacked of imagination to take advantage of the extra man resorting on missile attacks.

Finally the Danes came back from Valhalla and, despite the shammanic efforts of Eto'o, tamed "The Indomitable Lions", making them the first team to be out of the championship.

Day Ten:

The "Guarani" team mercilessly raided the surprised Slovaks, who were unable to stop them, and took control of the group almost securing their passage tho the next stage.

The "All Whites" shocked everybody by grappling, holding and pinning down the "Azzurri", the defending champions, to a draw. A memorable result for the Kiwis!

The day ended with the "Verde-amarela", although lacking the flair of yore, efficiently (and rougishly) put "The Elephants" down despite talismanic Drogba's magic. The South Americans also secured their participation on the knock-out stage.