Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 World Cup - Fourth day encounters

The "Olsen Gang" was no match for the "Clockwork Orange" (sounds like some gnomish invention). The Danes rolled a natural 1 (hit self) and the Dutch hit them again in the last round to define the fight.

After that, from the Land of the Rising Sun, came the "Samurai Blue" in fearful display of armor (kabuto, hara-ate, sune-ate, kote and sode) and weapons (katana, wakisashi and daikyu) to face "The Indomitable Lions", who qualified for the Cup more times than any other African nation. Their roars didn't intimidate the Oriental Adventurers who, with an unerring blow, won the encounter.

The final encounter of the day saw the current champions, the "Azzurri", against the tough "Guaranies". The battle went uphill for the Roman legion after the Paraguayan raiderss scored a wicked hit. But the Legionnaires fought back and finally, thanks to a fumble of the "Guarani" defense, managed to even the score. Unconvincingly nonetheless .