Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 World Cup - Uruguay among the 8 best

Still drunk of happyness! Last Saturday and for the first time since 1970 we reached the last eight. With an early strike the "Charruas" took control of first half the encounter. In the second half the "Asian Tigers" forced the Sky-blue to fall back, a tactic that proved disastrous, for the Koreans managed to land a blow. But, that hit took the "Charruas" out of their doze and they charged forward regaining control of the match. Almost at the end, with an unbelievable shot, "La Celeste" emerged victorious over a worthy rival.

Next encounter will be against the only African team still standing, the "Black Stars" from Ghana. It'll be a tough one for both sides, but I'm confident we're going to make to the next stage.