Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010 World Cup - Sixth day encounters

Today on the last day of debuts, saw the Central American "Catrachos" against the South American "La Roja". Even Hondureas lacked of cohesion and discipline, the Chilean onslaught took most of the first half to break the deadlock and win again after 48 years.

The European duel between the "La Furia" and the "Schweizer Nati" was a shock to one of the WC favourites. The Spaniards wasted many attacks of opportunity, but the Confederates managed hit on one of the few attempts they had. At last it was a memorable victory for the Helvetic team.

With the last match begun the second round of encounters. "La Celeste" faced the "Bafana bafana". Both were more aggressive than in the first encounter, but the South Americans led by striker Diego Forlán landed to deadly blows and then gave the local a coup-de-grace in injury-time.

Arriba URUGUAY!! :-)