Monday, April 17, 2017

Gwynn Woods

Gwynn Woods is my character in the Warhammer 1st Ed. campaign run by +Craig Brasco  via Google+ hangouts. It is set in his home-brew world of Urlund, a low-magic, Game of Thrones style setting, with different houses forging alliances or scheming against each other. He's a woodsman pursuing a career as a scout for one of this houses.

Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Height: 6’ 0”
Class: Ranger
Age: 24
Career: Woodsman - Scout
Gender: Male
Fate: 2

Stats: M 4, WS 38, BS 43, S 4, T 3, W 7, I  33, A 1, Dex 27, Ld 24, Int 33, Cl 40, WP 38, Fel 29

Skills: Speak Urlander, Very Resilient (+1 Toughness), Sixth Sense, Nightvision (2d6 yards), Concealment Rural, Follow Trail (+10 to Initiative), Identify Plants, Set Trap, Silent Move Rural, Specialist Weapon - Two-handed Weapon, Spot Trap, Secret Language (Ranger). Animal Care, Secret Signs (Scout).